Minecraft Server
Owner I Own this server
IP mc.playuhc.net
Website https://www.playuhc.net/
Players 20/3000
Score 5.00
Favourites 0
Votes 0
Version Waterfall 1.8 - 1.16.4
Uptime 99.98%
Last Ping 5 minutes ago
Country  United Kingdom
Tags Creative Hardcore Parkour
Minecraft Server

PlayUHC is a freshly launched UHC server, our goal is to bring the best of UHC to you and the rest of the community! Join today for lots of SpeedUHC, FlowerPower UHC, CutClean UHC, our new GodUHC, Meetup and Red vs. Blue. When you don't feel like playing a long game you can fight in the PvP arena but, as for all gamemodes, it's designed with UHC in mind, so no natural health regeneration only with Golden Apples and Golden Heads. We put a lot of time and effort into listening to what the community wants. To Communicate with our community, we use Discord, Twitter and the Forums on the PlayUHC website. (www.playuhc.net) You can also play our Beta Gamemode, this gamemode will change every so often and when we notice people like it, we will look at keeping it permanently.

15685 players were before you, will you be next?