Minecraft Server
Owner Mythiccanadian
IP thunderdome.serverminer.com
Website http://thunderdome-mc.com
Players 2/80
Score 15.00
Favourites 0
Votes 7
Version Spigot 1.15.2
Uptime 100%
Last Ping 48 minutes ago
Country  United States
Tags PvP Survival Towny
Minecraft Server

T H U N D E R D O M E 2 . 0
[​Survival] [​PvP] [​Towny] [​NPCs]

A new server from a veteran team!! Thunderdome 2.0 offers a fun, balanced, Survival, PvP experience!
Join our well guarded server and build without worrying about griefers, but still have the freedom to raid people, kill players, and steal from chests! Our staff are there when you need them, but not intrusive in your game-play.

An established economy and shop system in the spawn city lets you sell items and blocks for in-game currency. You can use money to buy building materials, or it can be used to establish a town (block protection areas run by "Towny"), either by yourself or with as many people as you like! You can also use your money to buy over 10,000 aesthetic custom player-heads from an east to use GUI that you can decorate with!

We also use MultiVerse to run a flat-grass creative-mode map that you can access from a portal at spawn and design your survival builds in! Creative and Survival inventories and end-chests are separate so it doesn't ruin the economy.

We also host NPC arena battles using Citizens2 and Sentinel scripting. This also allows us to have AI guards for spawn, and NPC characters for mini-quests and story lines!