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Paper 1.16.5
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United Kingdom
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Freedom MC Server Description
Bedrock :



Who are we?
Freedom MC is a upcoming SMP server that builds upon the foundation of vanilla,we have added the inclusion of a variety of plugins to enhance the experience, such as:
1 .)EssentialsX
2.)Land Claims
3.)Heads(During Combat with players or mobs, you get a chance of their head dropping)
4.)Dynmap(Allows for a live feed of the server map)
6.)Crate Plugin (This is exclusively for the vote keys we have)
7.)AAC (Premium Anticheat , powerful and efficient)

8.)GeyserMC(Enables CrossPlatform)

Java/Bedrock Crossplay:
We have enabled cross play between Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, tested and works efficiently on all platforms.

Balanced Economy:
We take server economy serious, we have a server market, in our castles courtyard (on the server) that allows you to purchase items or sell items to generate "£" revenue. We take inflation into account and we are considerable active maintaining and ensuring the economy can stay as balanced without damaging server integrity.


We offer up to 10000 starter land claim blocks, each hour earning you 1000 claim blocks


The server was created to as we recognised players shouldnt have to pay ranks to access unique abilities, we believe that players should earn privileges to unique commands or ranks.This is done via our frequent and varying events

Server Events:

As an owner, both me and staff work consistently to think of new server events, these server events allow players to participate to win unique ranks only available to that event, with special command access. Ingame Money (Relative to the economy to prevent inflation).An a variety of other rewards that we think of.

Friendly Community and Staff:

Community is our top priority, always listening to player feedback, and ensuring player issues are listened too, the community itself is medium sized with a varying cast of players.

Our rules are fair and semi lenient, having two rule systems, being:

Light Rules: Breaking one of these rules will only result in server jail time (we have our own jail).Such as:

We allow for a variety of languages to be spoken, we are a english speaking server however, so please limit other language use

Don't promote other servers.

Limit targeting and harassing people , while the odd joke is fine. If constant you will be punished.

5.PVP is allowed if both parties agree to pvp, if you attack and kill someone without consent, this is not allowed

6.Keep racial slurs to a minimal

Hard Rules: Zero Tolerance if this rule is broken

No hacking

No using exploits

Any form of IRL threat to other plays will be blacklisted no exceptions. This is a mature community.

4.Stealing is allowed outside of claims or unclaimed, inside of claims stealing is not allowed.

5.No breaking or threatening server integrity

6.No scamming

7.No malcious Links in chats

Warning System:

We have a two strike system , strikes only apply to light rules .Meaning that if a light rule within the list above is broken, you'll be given a strike, if a hard rule is broken however, instant ban and we is non negotiable.
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