Minecraft Server
Owner I Own this server
IP play.oneshotmc.com
Website http://oneshotmc.com/
Players 24/1000
Score 5.00
Favourites 0
Votes 0
Version §c&4OneShotMC 1.7.X - 1.15.X
Uptime 99.98%
Last Ping 4 minutes ago
Country  United States
Tags Creative Factions Raiding
Minecraft Server

OneShotMC is a Minecraft TNT cannon server that is dedicated to testing the limits of your imagination and your cannoning skills. With cannon security and many custom plugins built for cannoning testing, we attempt to make your design process as efficient and easy as possible.

Defaultly, all players will have access to two 2 homes and a giant 512x512 plot which will let you test cannons without bounds. Additionally, all players that vote gain access to WorldEdit, and our vast array of custom cannoning plugins that let you finish your work faster.